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Printer Repair & Servicing

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Troubleshooting printer problems

Printer problems can vary, and the troubleshooting steps may differ depending on the printer model and type.

  • Printer Not Responding
  • Printing Is Slow
  • Print Results Are Unsatisfactory
  • Printing is slow
  • Paper Jams
  • Error Message Appears

Printer maintenance

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Canon printer error codes

Error code Cause
E02Printer is out of paper
E03The cover is open
E04Ink cartridge is not installed properly
E05Ink cartridge cannot be recognized
E08Ink absorber is almost full
E09Protective material or tape may still be attached to ink cartridge holder
E11Cannot perform printing with current print settings
E12Specified data cannot be printed
E13The ink may have run out
E14Ink cartridge cannot be recognized
E15Ink cartridge cannot be recognized
E16The ink has run out
E23IP address and subnet mask are conflicting
E31Failed in wireless setup
E33Cannot connect because multiple wireless routers are connecting to the printer
E34Easy wireless connect has failed
E36Easy wireless connect has failed
E37Failed in wireless setup
E38Cannot connect to a wireless router
E39Network error has occurred
E45Cannot connect to network
E46Cannot connect to Internet
E47Cannot connect to server
E48Cannot connect to server
E49Failed in connecting to Internet because network connection is being prepared
E50Failed in acquiring contents
E51Cannot connect to server
E52Failed in registering the printer to Google Cloud Print due to timeout
E53Only information registered to the printer is deleted because of failing to connect Google Cloud Print
E54Only information registered to the printer is deleted because of failing to connect IJ Cloud Printing Center
E55The printer is already registered to IJ Cloud Printing Center
E56The online service is not available in your region
E57Scanning print head alignment sheet failed
E58Trying to start copying before you register the paper size
E59Paper settings for printing do not match paper information set on printer
E61Scanning original has failed
E62Unexpected error occurred while scanning is in progress
E63Reached the upper limit of pages which can be saved
E64Scanning original has failed
E65Saving scanned data failed because the printer's memory is full